Pilgrim Tours

Faith-based journeys provide churches with opportunities to incorporate travel into their church-wide initiatives to help them achieve ministry objectives such as outreach, evangelism, missions, fellowship and fund-raising.

We believe that every Christian should travel to the Holy Land at least once in their lifetime in order to have the life-changing experience of walking in the Footsteps of Jesus. As Bargil Pixner said:

“Five gospels record the life of Jesus.
Four you will find in books and one you will find in the land they call holy.
Read the fifth gospel and the world of the other four open before you.”

Video courtesy of IMOT – Israel Ministry of Tourism

The Sarai Tours team has decades of experience in spiritual and faith-based travel.

Under the umbrella of Israel Pilgrim Tours, we would like to invite you and your church, school or organization to take part in the transforming experience of Israel and beyond.

We can tailor programs for your group. Here are some examples:

  • Holy Land tours
  • Biblical archaeology tour of Israel
  • Exodus route from Egypt to Jerusalem
  • Steps of Paul programs in Greece and Turkey
  • Heritage and Roots programs in Africa

We will assist you with the planning of your congregation’s trip from beginning to end.

Please give us your contact information so we can send your Christian Leader's Tool Kit right away. Thank you.


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